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Holdom Chiropractic & Wellness Centre
2251 Holdom Ave 111
BurnabyBC V5B 0A2
 (604) 298-1777
Chiropractic and Wellness, Hand in Hand
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item imageChiropractic CareChiropractic is...a health-care profession that focuses on the spine and other joints of the body, and their connection to the nervous system. The word "chiropractic" means "to be done by hand." Chiropractors use adjustments to restore joint function and support the nervous system. Chiropractors help patients maintain optimal health while avoiding unnecessary drugs or surgery. A healthy nervous system allows for optimal functioning of one's body. Restoring joint function allows for one to have proper posture.
item imageOrthoticsOrthotics are custom made insoles for a client's feet. Custom made orthotics help manage painful feet conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions and pes planus (low arches). Also helping with other joints pains such as knee pain, hip pain and upper body pains. The feet are the foundation of the body. The feet are composed of 52 bones, 66 joints, 214 ligaments and 38 muscles and tendons.
item imageMassage Therapy
item imageCompression StockingsCompression stockings are a natural way to increase circulation in the legs, feet and body. They are designed to improve circulation and deliver a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the ankle of the garment and gradually decreases towards the top of the stocking. This gradient promotes better venous blood flow which in turn helps to relieve and control edema (swelling), varicose veins, leg fatigue and other problematic leg conditions.

Chiropractor Burnaby BC

At Holdom Chiropractic, we believe an educated patient is a healthy patient. Our Chiropractor Dr. Ron Uppal takes the time to explain to his patients what chiropractic care is and why they are getting back adjustments. Whether you come in on a weekly or monthly basis, you will understand the why behind this form of natural care that provides a path to optimal health.

Helping Patients of All Ages 

Whether you’re a newborn or a 90-year-old, you can benefit from safe and effective chiropractic care. We believe that health comes from within and that your body can take care of itself. It just needs the time and the avenues to do it. Chiropractic is an important part of a holistic lifestyle that allows you to enhance your life and live every day happy and healthy.

Offering Integrative Care

We understand that you’re busy and that you have better things to do than run all over town to meet your health care needs.

Our integrative practice offers the following services under one roof:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Digital X-rays on site
  • Acupuncture 
  • Massage therapy
  • Orthotics
  • Postural care
  • Prenatal and pediatric chiropractic
  • Sports chiropractic

Our chiropractic office is also conveniently located close to the Holdom Skytrain Station on the Millennium Line. We even offer free parking and same-day appointments.

Whether you suffer from pain due to work or personal injury accidents or daily stress causes you neck and back issues, call (604) 298-1777 today to schedule an appointment.

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